NQ Round-up Seminar with Santillo Consulting

We kicked off the start of the NQ season on 24 November with a round-up of the legal market…

Santillo Consulting kindly hosted an evening at Squire Patton Boggs outlining recent changes in the legal market and how this will affect NQ opportunities over the next year. We also had a talk from Nick Green setting out what firms are looking for when interviewing NQ candidates.

Thanks to all our attendees who filled out the survey before the event. As a result we were able to see what our fellow members are prioritising and worrying about as we come up to qualification.


Claudia and Alice took us through a breakdown of the legal market and their predications for 2016. Some of the key things we learnt include:

  • Generally the market is strong so there are lots of NQ vacancies, particularly in Real Estate, Banking and Finance!
  • This isn’t the case for all areas of law so consider how flexible you can be on location if your passion remains for Commercial Litigation, Employment or Intellectual Property;
  • Don’t be completely put off by high chargeable targets, this may just reflect efficiencies within the firm so that you’re spending less time on administrative tasks;
  • On the other hand firms understand that you’re still learning so concentrate on doing a good job rather than panicking about targets;
  • It’s possible to qualify into the area you covered in your first seat, it’s all about how you draft your CV and demonstrate your enthusiasm; and
  • If your chosen area isn’t experiencing a huge recruitment drive (see above) consider qualifying into a similar area and specialising or transferring later down the line.

As always, be yourself at interviews. A key piece of advice from Nick Green was to be interested about the firm and do your research but don’t creep over into stalker territory and bring up random personal facts about the interviewer… keep it keen but genuine.

If you want to pick up more nuggets of advice or weren’t able to make it to this event keep an eye out on our Events, Twitter, Facebook and newsletter for other upcoming seminars.