Wine & Cheese with Anakin Seal

We had a wonderful evening on 17 November at Loki’s Tasting House…

Our BTSS Members enjoyed a very civilised evening, courtesy of Anakin Seal, sampling the very best wine and cheeses at Loki. 12247206_997625090309047_2967210645830013094_n

As a consequence, our members can now upgrade their stock wine phrases from “I cook with wine, sometimes I add a little food” to “for a crisp white wine I recommend a Sauvignon Blanc whilst if you’re after a full bodied red with a fruity taste I’d go for a Rioja.”

Luckily there weren’t too many sore heads the next day but do expect a few at Christmas when relatives take up the challenge of “discussing”¬†whether the newly opened bottle was really worth its price….

Thanks again to Anakin Seal who ensured our members were able to enjoy the evening at a knock-down price.